Professional Consultation (for Clinicians)

Would you like to enhance your knowledge and skills to provide an effective and focused EMDR processing? Are you interested in facilitating EMDR from an Emotionally Focused and Attachment framework?

I am a consultant in training and have been utilizing EMDR with successful results since 2008. I have been an EMDR certified therapist since 2013. My goal is to become an EMDRIA approved consultant and educator to help other EMDR professionals witness effective and accelerated healing in their clients’ lives.

I offer consultation in an individual or group setting. Consultation hours may take place in person or through phone or Skype.

I offer case consultation for clinicians who are needing:

Case Consultation

Basic training and Certification with EMDRIA

Consultation with emphasis in the area of attachment

Utilization of EMDR with couples and families, including children, teens, and adults

Consultation sessions will focus on, but not be limited to:

Treatment Planning

Understanding each phase of EMDR procedure

Discussing clinical cases in a safe and professional environment

Case conceptualization and formulation

Assessing a client’s readiness for EMDR

Learning and reviewing EMDR treatment protocols

Providing an attachment and emotion focussed context for EMDR trauma processing

Dr. Manfield’s Dyadic Resourcing to help clients develop a healthy internal sense of self

Imaginal Nurturing (April Steele) to help clients develop a Secure Self

Use of Imagery, photographs, metaphors, Sandtray play, Art and puppets

Dr. Miller’s FSAP (Feeling State Addiction Protocol) for treating addiction


Individual Consultation: $85/per hour

Group Consultation: 2 hours/week. Each 2 hour session is $55/per person

* fee includes long distance telephone charges, including international calls

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, text or email if you have questions and/or to explore the possibility of working with me as your consultant.