Relationship Education Program

What is the Relationship Education Program?

    The Relationship Education Program, also known as the “Hold Me Tight” program, is based on the book 
Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson, an internationally recognized expert in couple therapy. 

This new program is a blend of therapy and education and uses videos, interactive exercises, and personal vignettes. Partners learn to recognize and break the negative cycle and to become more emotionally responsive which is the key to a lasting relationship. By learning to be more emotionally available, responsive, and engaged, partners will become more trusting and together will be able to challenge and cope with life's stressors and problems.

Who Does the Program Help?
    The program benefits all couples who are wanting to improving their relationship including couples who are dating, married, cohabiting, and premarital. 

How Long is the Program?
    Groups will meet 2 hours a week for 8 weeks. 

When and Where?
    The group program repeats throughout the year. Dates 
and location for the next group will be announced soon

    Each session is $70 per couple, which includes a copy of Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson. I also offer a discounted rate of $480 if you prepay for all 8 sessions.

How to Register
    If you are interested, you can register by phone (949)-954-0750 or by email 
                                                                                                          Click here to buy book from Amazon

Feel free to contact me @ (949) 954-0750 if you have any additional questions